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Getting Help for Your Child’s Feet

If you have an active child, it can be sad to see them laid up and not able to play sports due to their sore feet. If your child seems to be unable to walk or has started walking in an odd way, it can be well worth getting them checked out by a sports podiatrist to get the underlying cause of your child’s foot pain worked out. Here are some issues that they may experience and how they can be fixed.

Flat feet

While flat feet don’t tend to suddenly appear, children can aggravate flat feet after a period of heavy exercise or may have more pain after a growth spurt. This pain tends to occur in the arch of the foot and can extend to the balls of the feet and ankle. This pain can be resolved by resting, then using some orthotics in their shoes. A podiatrist can create appropriate orthotics for your child.

Toe walking

It is very common for children to experiment with toe walking at different stages of their development. It can be an indication of more severe issues including Cerebal Palsy or Muscular Dystrophy, so it’s a good idea to take a child showing consistent toe walking to the podiatrist for more checks. Other less serious causes can include having a chipped heel bone due to impact, or painful heels due to bony growths that can occur during growth spurts. If left untreated this unusual walking style can lead to tightness in the calves and ankles. 

A podiatrist can help to review your child’s shoes to give them more cushioning and if required, they can strap the lower legs in a way to guide the foot into a more natural foot position. 

Loose ankles and ligaments

Some children find that they have looser ankles which can roll easily, especially if they tend to be adventurous and spend a lot of time running and jumping on playground equipment. However repeated ankle sprains and ‘rolls’ can cause the ligaments to get looser and increase the likelihood of a severe outcome such as breaking ankle bones. A podiatrist can help to review why their ligaments are looser than normal, and strap the ankles/lower legs to create more support. They can also advise on which models of sports or school shoes might be better for your child,  with more ankle support. 

If your child has just started complaining of foot pain or walking in an unusual way it’s well worth getting a podiatrist to review their condition.