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Natural Solutions For Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a frightening sleep disorder that causes the sufferer to stop breathing for short periods while they sleep.  The condition causes the muscles of the throat to collapse, constricting the airways and consequently depriving the brain of oxygen.  The condition can predispose sufferers to serious complications like stroke, diabetes and heart disease.  People who suffer from sleep apnoea are usually prescribed a CPAP machine, which delivers oxygen via a cumbersome mask throughout the night. 

However, there are some natural solutions that can help in the management of sleep apnoea.  Read on to find out more.   

Weight loss

Most people who suffer from sleep apnoea are overweight.  A study carried out by the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden showed that 20 per cent of research subjects, who lost a significant amount of weight, were completely cured of their sleep apnoea, and others noted a marked reduction in symptoms. 

Taking more exercise during a weight-loss programme also helps to tone up the muscles, making throat collapse less likely. 

Sleeping position

If you sleep on your back, your throat muscles are more likely to close up and your tongue is more likely to fall back into your windpipe.  Simply by changing your sleeping position so that you sleep on your side, you can reduce the potential trigger for sleep apnoea episodes.

Using too many pillows in bed can push your chin into your chest, effectively closing up your airways.  Try sleeping with fewer pillows and allowing your neck to lie at a more natural angle to allow you to breathe more easily.

Minerals and vitamins

Neurologist and sleep specialist, Dr Stasha Gominak, maintains that deficiencies in vitamin ‘D’ and vitamin ‘C’ can cause problems with sleep patterns.  Increasing vitamin ‘D’ consumption in some of her patients found that the symptoms of sleep apnoea were eliminated completely or significantly reduced.

Try eating more foods that are rich in vitamin ‘D’, such as fish, cheese, and eggs, and make sure that your diet includes plenty of fresh citrus fruits and vegetables for extra vitamin ‘C’.

Herbal remedies

There are a number of herbs that can help with sleep problems including sleep apnoea and narcolepsy.   Lavender and California poppy are particularly noted to be very effective.

Lavender can be introduced to your bedroom as a scented pillow, oil room diffuser, or sheet spray.  California poppy can be used as a tincture, powder or diffusion.  Both these herbal remedies are readily available through good natural food stores.

In conclusion

Sleep apnoea is a frightening disorder, and correcting the underlying cause through using a natural sleep apnoea solution as described above could change your life.  However, before you undertake any form of self-treatment, always discuss your condition with a medical professional and continue taking any drugs you have been prescribed.