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Fight Foul Breath In Style: 6 Foods to Freshen Your Breath

Posted by on Dec 1, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Nothing could be worse than your breath smelling like stale coffee or tuna lunch. The foods you eat determine the smell of your breath. Below are foods that will keep your mouth fresh all day long. Fresh Breath Food #1: Yogurt Consume half a cup of plain and sugar-free yogurt two times a day. This lowers hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell) levels in the mouth. You also reduce risks of gum diseases substantially. Lastly, yogurt is rich in Vitamin D, which creates a harsh environment for bacteria growth. Avoid the overly processed and sugar-added yogurt varieties. These can cause bad breath. Opt for yogurt with active cultures. Fresh Breath Food #2: Tea and water Bad breath thrives in a dry mouth. Saliva washes away bacteria and food particles. To keep your mouth moist, drink plenty of water. Minimise the...

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